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For me, inspiration always hits when I’m in crunch-time mode!

I needed a quick back-to-school teacher gift, and realized that The Icy Boho Cozy would resemble a pencil with a few modifications!

It was the eve of the First Day of School. I had procrastinated to the point where it was either do or die. I needed a teacher gift. No, wait! I needed two teacher gifts! What to do? What to do? I scrolled through the pattern files that I had on hand.

When I came across The Icy Boho Cozy pattern by Shanice of Crochetastic Designs, it stood out to me for some reason. As I looked at it, I realized that with a few slight modifications, it would resemble a pencil! I hurried to my yarn shelves. Did I have pink yarn? Check! Gray and yellow? Check, check! I grabbed my hook and got to work. Within less than an hour, I had two adorable pencil cup cozies for my kids’ teachers! Not to mention that within another thirty minutes, I whipped up a cute template insert for them as well!

After the school rush was over, I decided to contact Shanice about making this modification available on my blog. She readily agreed! If you are looking for a quick teacher gift, you are in…

…the right place!

Skill Level – Beginner

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Round 1-8: Beginning with pink yarn, follow the original Icy Boho Cozy pattern as written.

*Round 9-12: Change to gray and follow Rounds 11-14 of the original Icy Boho Cozy pattern as written.

Round 13-20: Change to yellow and repeat Round 4 of the original Icy Boho Cozy pattern as written.

Cut yarn and weave in all ends! Woohoo! Wasn’t that fast? These are great teacher gifts all year ’round not only for back to school but also for the teacher’s birthday, Christmas, or end-of-school gift! They also make great market prep! You could even make them for all the students in your child’s class and personalize them with names!

If you are not a maker, you can purchase a finished Pencil Cup Cozy in my Etsy shop!

If you would like to use an insert for your cup cozy, I have provided a free template available for download!

If you make this pencil cozy, please share it! I would love to see your work! You can tag me on Instagram and Facebook @theplushpineapple. Use the tag #theplushpineapple.

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