“I see…the turning of a leaf dancing in an autumn sun, and brilliant shades of crimson glowing when a day is done.”

-Mattie Elliott

“I want to make adorable fall decor for my home, but I don’t have enough time!”

How familiar does that statement sound? I know that I have said it ALL. THE. TIME! As a maker, I want to beautify my home, but I’m always so pressed for time!

Do I have a solution for you! This adorable pom-pom candy corn decoration takes less than an hour to make and uses very little supplies and materials! Since receiving my new pom-pom maker set from Clover USA, I have been dying to create a fun DIY project with it! Pom-poms are so much fun to make. In recent days, I have gone from using cardboard to make my pom-poms, to being obsessed with this pom-pom maker set and wanting to make pom-poms in ALL the colors for ALL the projects!!!

Cardboard Pom-poms

If you had spoken to me a year ago, I would have said, “Why buy a pom-pom maker when you can use cardboard?…or your phone?” When it comes to my hobbies and my business, I like to cut costs wherever possible. I was making yarn poms left and right for my crochet beanies with my trusty cardboard. Little did I know how floppy and loose those poor yarn poms really were. Then, as luck would have it, I came into possession of a Clover USA pom-pom maker set, and my entire perception changed.

Pom-pom Maker

If you have never used a pom-pom maker to make your poms, you are MISSING OUT! Just trust me on this one. The first pom I made with the Clover USA pom-pom maker blew me away. The pom-pom was so much tighter! No longer did I have to worry about yarn bits falling out of the center. It was so much fuller! The pom-pom now had a full round shape as opposed to a limp, lifeless, droopy mess of yarn tails. It needed less trimming! I used to spend FOREVER trimming my old cardboard pom-poms. Now? Now, a few little snips of the scissors, and I am ready to make more pom-poms or attach them to my project.

ALL the Projects

Have a convinced you that you need this set? If not, then keep reading because I have the perfect fall decor project for you using the Clover USA pom-pom maker set. This adorable pom-pom candy corn is so fast and easy to make when you have the pom-pom maker set! I don’t plan on stopping here! I have so. many. ideas. using pom-poms that I cannot wait to share with you, but for now how about some…

…yummy candy corn?

Skill Level – Beginner

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Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Step One
  • Make three pom-poms in yellow using the 85mm (blue) pom-pom maker.
  • Next, make three pom-poms in orange using the 65mm (green) pom-pom maker.
  • Lastly, make four pom-poms in white using the 45mm (white) pom-pom maker.
Step Two

Using a double surgeon’s knot, tie the pom-poms together in the following order:

  • Tie two yellow together.
  • Tie the third yellow to the first two yellow.
  • Repeat the above two steps with orange and then white.
  • Tie one strand of yellow to one strand of orange and stack the orange trio on top of the yellow trio.
  • Repeat the above step with orange and white stacking the white trio on top of the orange trio.
  • Tie the remaining white pom to the very top of the stack.
Step Three

Cut all loose ends, and you’re done!

How fast and easy was that?! You can whip up several of these for your home, front porch, classroom, etc… The possibilities are endless! You can even use them to decorate your market booth space!

If you make this pom-pom candy corn, please share it! I would love to see your work! You can tag me on Instagram and Facebook @theplushpineapple. Use the tag #theplushpineapple

“Much love, sunshine, and pineapples”


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