Find your next summer project with this list of six summer cotton crochet patterns to keep you cool all summer!

“I was made for sunny days.”


What is your favorite fiber to crochet with?

Cotton! I absolutely LOVE crocheting with cotton. Maybe it’s due to my deep passion for summer and ALL. THE SUMMER. THINGS. that causes me to love cotton so much. I feel like there are just so many benefits to making certain projects with cotton yarn.

Cotton is a great choice for many projects that would be considered summer-time projects. It’s more absorbent than acrylic, so it works great for things like coffee cozies or dish towels. (Have you ever used a cozy made from acrylic yarn? Not fun.) Cotton is also more breathable than synthetic fibers, so it’s a cooler option for summer garments. (We’re talking less body odor here, folks.) Not only is it breathable, but also very sturdy. I feel that a market bag made of cotton doesn’t stretch as much as one made in acrylic. I mean, c’mon, who wants to walk around the farmers market dragging their produce on the ground behind them? Seriously, what is not to love about cotton?

Now that we have established the awesome-ness of cotton, let’s dive into a list of summer cotton crochet patterns! These patterns are all great summertime makes. We’ve got wearables, accessories, bags, and…

…so much summer goodness!

Mermaid Water Bottle Holder

I was preparing for a large mermaid festival last summer and needed some items that complimented my mermaid dolls.  My goals was to stray away from the normal water bottle holders you see and make them comfortable.  I also wanted to make sure it incorporated the starfish buttons that we make. They were a total hit!

Kathy Horvath

About the Pattern

This pattern is both fun and practical. Unlike most water bottle slings, this one has a thick, adjustable strap making it more comfortable when holding something heavier like a tumbler on long walks. It was designed specifically for self-striping cotton yarn, but you could also stripe it with a variety of colors yourself.  The pattern includes instructions to size the holder and strap if needed and tips on striping it.

About the Designer

Kathy is the maker behind Kathy’s Kozies. Kathy loves all things beach, coffee, and handmade. She is enjoying her new venture of not only designing crochet patterns but also designing buttons and tags as well.

How to Get the Pattern

You can also follow Kathy on Instagram, visit her blog, like her Facebook page, and shop her Etsy store!

Topaz Skirt

I have always been a fan of skirts. When my daughter was about four years old, I created a tiny skirt for her that was inspired by a flared/bell sleeve that I just loved. It just screamed “Skirt” to me! About four years later, I felt the need to rework that pattern and put it out in the world. I love that it is worked sideways and therefore can be made to accommodate any size girl or woman.

Amber Bliss

About the Pattern

Topaz Skirt has just a touch of flirty flare! It is perfect for both girls and women because the pattern repeats can be made to fit any and all waist and rear sizes! It will work on a no-curve body just as well as on a very curvy figure! The pattern directions for children’s sizes and women’s sizes are written separately for ease in following, but they are both within the same document. The skirt is worked from side to side (top to bottom) in one piece, seamed together, and then crocheted in rounds around the top and bottom edges. One of the great features of this skirt is that the tie is attached to the skirt at the back and woven through the top band to meet and tie in the front. It is not a separate piece, so it will never be lost.

Estimated Yardage:


  • 12-18mos: 220 yds,
  • 2/3: 250 yds,
  • 4/5: 290 yds,
  • 6/6X: 340 yds,
  • 7/8: 390 yds,
  • 10/12: 450 yds

Women’s sizes:

  • Petite: 16 yds per 2-row repeat
  • Regular: 17 yds per 2-row repeat
  • Tall: 18 yds per 2-row repeat
  • Extra Tall: 19 yds per 2-row repeat
  • Estimate yardage for women’s sizes by determining waist circumference and multiplying by 1.5 (round to the nearest even number). Multiply that number by the estimated yardage per 2-row repeat (see above).
    Err on the side of caution when purchasing your yarn since the estimates above depend on hook used and achieving gauge.
Materials Needed:
  • Any Worsted Weight Yarn (24/7 Cotton by Lion Brand used in sample)
  • 5.50mm (I) hook (or size needed to achieve gauge)
  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends
  • 3 stitch markers

This is a great pattern for an advanced beginner who wants to learn something new or an easy pattern for an intermediate crocheter. The following stitches are used in the pattern.

ch = chain stitch

dc = double crochet

hdc = half double crochet

sc = single crochet

sl st = slip stitch

tr = treble crochet

About the Designer

Amber has been crocheting since she was eight years old. At age eleven, her grandma taught her to read patterns and make doilies. She has not put her hook down since. Her favorite items to crochet are jewelry (doily inspired!) and skirts. Her favorite yarn is cotton. She is a founding member of the Crochetmous Crew on Facebook and Instagram and hopes to uplift and support crocheters, designers, dyers and other makers in the community. When she is not crocheting, she is caring for her two children, hanging out with her husband, and teaching English as a second language to international university students.

How to Get the Pattern

You can find Amber on Instagram, Facebook, and Ravelry. You can also join her Crochetmous group on Facebook!

Ocean Waves Market Bag

My goal with designing this bag was to have more structure and less stretch when in use but still maintain the adorable lacy look of so many market bags.

Rebekah Bowers

About the Pattern

When I started out to design a market bag, I had a specific goal in mind.  Most of my experiences with crocheted market bags have gone as follows:  take a beautiful empty bag, fill said bag with groceries or items, bag is then hanging at my knees.  While the finished design of the bag still has some stretch, my goal was accomplished and the stretch is minimal.


The real inspiration for this project was born when it came time to design the handles.  I feel the handles contribute a great deal to how much the bag stretches when in use.  I came up with the idea of braided straps and was pleasantly surprised at their aesthetic look and the comfort they provided.  Now, I have a beautiful, functional, not-too-stretchy bag that is great for throwing in all the little odds and ends for trips to the beach or to my own yard (you would be surprised at how many items I try to carry otherwise). 


This lovely market bag is designed around the concept of having less stretch.  With alternating open-work stitches and solid stitches, the body of this bag is aesthetically pleasing while having good structure. The beautifully braided straps are comfortable and cushy while providing a wow factor to the bag design.

This pattern can be made in cotton or acrylic yarn and includes a detailed photo tutorial for the more complicated steps.

About the Designer

Rebekah resides in Delaware with her husband and three daughters. She is the founder and owner of Warming the Heart and enjoys designing and making crochet accessories. Some of her favorite pastimes include snuggling up with a good book, researching heritage through genealogy, and watching Hallmark movies.

How to Get the Pattern

You can follow Warming the Heart on Instagram as well as check out their Etsy shop!

Crochet Princess Dress

The inspiration behind this project was the yarn.  Lion Brand Coboo is a cotton-bamboo blend.  It is soft and breathable which is perfect for the warmer weather, and the pink and white colors are perfect for the little princess in your home!

Needle Klankers

About the Pattern

This elegant little princess dress is perfect for your little ones who love to dress up around the house.  It is available in six different sizes, and it is perfect for summer paired with sandals.

About the Designer

Needle Klankers is a mother-daughter team who loves all crafts.  If they can make it themselves, they are going to try!  Crochet was their first love, but they soon found other crafts such as knitting and jewelry making!

How to Get the Pattern

You can also find Needle Klankers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Ravelry! Be sure to check them out, like, subscribe, and follow!

Navarre Beach Dress

Inspired by evening walks on a quiet beach to the sounds of crashing waves, the Navarre Beach Dress is the perfect summer garment. Light enough for sweltering days, this crochet dress can be the ultimate swimsuit coverup or even a stand-alone piece.

Rebekah Haas

About the Pattern

The Navarre Beach Dress features a simple chunky lace pattern. Since it is constructed with four panels seamed together, the dress has a unique handkerchief hem. The dress can be customized for best fit and is written in two general sizes, one size and plus size. Worsted weight cotton and a 6.5mm hook are the materials required to complete this pattern.

About the Designer

Rebekah Haas is the wife of a teacher and the mother of four humans, two dogs, and probably fifty plants. In her free time (cue the mindless laughter of one who does not sleep much), she strives to create beauty and to inspire others to do the same.

How to Get the Pattern

You can also find Rebekah on Instagram! Be sure to check out her feed and give her a follow!

Freya Pixie Hat

I love to crochet for babies, especially baby girls! When I picked up the yarn, I felt how soft it was, and the colors made me think of my sweet niece. My thought was that treble crochet stitches would make a perfect breezy hat for summer. In addition to the treble crochet stitch, I love the picot stitch! It adds an old-fashioned touch to a cute hat.

Sarah Traffie

About the Pattern

The inspiration behind this pattern is my sweet niece Freya. She is a spunky two-year-old girl who rocks old-fashioned clothing. The skill level for this pattern is very beginner friendly! I used Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend in Chai Latte. It is a 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend. The pattern is worked up of mostly treble/triple crochet along with double, half-double, and single crochet. The ties on the Freya Pixie are worked in a chain and slip stitched to an adorable picot brim. It is very simple!

About the Designer

Sara is the maker and designer behind Happy Day Crochet. When she is not playing with yarn, you can find her outside with her kids or sewing. Her desire is for stay-at-home moms to find happiness and joy creating for their littles.

How to Get This Pattern

I hope that you enjoyed this summer cotton crochet patterns roundup post! If you make any of these patterns, be sure to tag the designer on Instagram or Facebook so she can see your work! You would totally make her day! You’ll also want to check out my summer bobble appliqués such as the pineapple appliqué and palm tree appliqué! They look great in cotton yarn!

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Sarah is the maker and designer behind A Plush Pineapple. She is a wife of thirteen years to her college sweetheart and momma to two awesome kiddos. When she is not crocheting, designing, or blogging, you can probably find her soaking up the sun or eating seafood. Her goal as a designer is that love, sunshine, and pineapples make their way into the hearts and homes of all who make her designs.