Crochet some fabulous Christmas gifts or items for yourself with this list of twelve festive Christmas crochet patterns to make for the holidays!

The most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of your time and attention.


Handmade Gifts

Often times, we struggle to show our appreciation to someone with a heartfelt gift, but I can think of nothing more that says, “I love you,” quite like a handmade gift. In fact, for someone who is difficult to buy for because they already have just about anything they could want or need, a handmade gift is the best option to show that you truly care for them by putting your time and effort into crafting them something from the heart.

Handmade Decorations

Adding your own unique and special touch to your decor makes the atmosphere of your home extra cozy and inviting. True, Hobby Lobby is a girl’s best friend when it comes to home decor, but handmade decor takes the finished look to the next level. Making your own decor pieces gives you the ability to customize and tweak your decorations to your exact liking!

Handmade for the Holidays

Whether you are looking for crochet patterns to make as gifts or looking to spruce up your holiday decor with something handmade, this list has you covered. From holiday cozies to tree skirts to beanies, you’ll be the latest hire in…

…Santa’s workshop!

Kelsi Beanie

Photo credit: Reckless Love Media

We are kicking off this roundup of Christmas crochet patterns with my latest design, the Kelsi Beanie! This beanie pattern is an addition to the ever popular Kelsi Collection that also includes a headband, clutch, cozy, scarf, boot cuffs, and pumpkin that all feature this beautiful diagonal ribbing!

These patterns make great gifts and market items because they work up quickly and the texture is so eye-catching! With all of the different items, you can mix and match to make pretty much any matching set you can think of!

I think the color-blocked version makes a great Christmas crochet pattern, but it could also be made with alternating red and white rows to give a peppermint swirl aesthetic!

Trip Stitch Beanie

Next in the lineup of Christmas crochet patterns is the Trip Stitch Beanie by Kelsie of Crafting for Weeks! This beanie creates even more texture on top of a diagonal twist making it a great make for gifts and markets!

By simply working it up in holiday colors, it makes a great holiday beanie. It would also look wintery in a soft white or cream!

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt

When I was looking to make a crochet tree skirt for my own tree, I could not find many crochet patterns . . . or at least none that quite fit my style. I found a beautiful already made knit tree skirt at a popular high-end store, but I didn’t want to pay that price, so I decided to make my own crochet version!

Rachel Alford

About the Pattern

Want to add some farmhouse flair to your Christmas tree? This ever popular Christmas Tree Skirt is next in this list of Christmas crochet patterns and a perfect way to add some coziness to the bottom of your tree. Made by crocheting two strands held together and using simple stitches, this free crochet pattern is easy enough for a beginner and works up quickly! Three sizes are available.

About the Designer

Rachel is a 30-something full-time mother to four beautiful kids and married to her best friend. Some may say that she is addicted to hot chocolate and Chick-fil-a. She says what is life without those things? She is a crochet designer and blogger and always has a few projects on her hooks. If you want to see behind the scenes, upcoming projects, and giveaways, come hang out with her on Instagram!

You can also find Rachel and Cozy Nooks Designs on Facebook and her website. Her patterns are available for purchase in her Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Christmas Cup Cozy Trio

Inspiration for these cup cozies came from a love of creating cozies and the Christmas season. By Thanksgiving, my husband and I have the house fully decorated including tree, lights, inside, outside, even all the Christmas dishes are set out!

Samantha Oglesby

About the Pattern

The Christmas Cup Cozy Trio is a packaged pattern where you can find the Santa, Elf, and Mr. Snowman Cozy all in one place. Add some holiday cheer to your favorite hot holiday beverage this year with these three Christmas crochet patterns. They are perfect for stocking stuffers too. The pattern is made using worsted weight yarn and 5mm hook.

About the Designer

Samantha is the designer behind Beach Day Creations. She is a self-taught crocheter from the age of thirteen, and her love of crocheting quickly became more than a hobby. Samantha soon fell in love with hand dying yarn with her mom. When she became a mom herself, she began designing patterns to fill her sleepless newborn nights. When she isn’t squeezing and finding new yarn to play with made by other small businesses, she spends her days with her husband and son exploring all the nearby lakes and the outdoors.

You can find Samantha and Beach Day Creations on Instagram and Facebook. Her designs are available for purchase in her Etsy shop.

Andy’s Stocking

This pattern was designed for our son to mimic the same look and feel of another cabled stocking pattern crocheted for his older sister. By using a simple cabling pattern and a complimenting color for the top, we achieved a stocking that was both simple but elegant.

Bernadette Saad

About the Pattern

Next in our count down of Christmas crochet patterns is Andy’s Stocking by Bernadette of a Purpose and a Stitch. Andy’s Stocking is an elegant cabled stocking pattern. This stocking is made by working two panels and seaming them together. It is available in a large and standard size stocking, using bulky or worsted weight yarn.

About the Designer

Bernadette is the maker and designer behind the blog A Purpose and A Stitch, as well as, the indie dyer behind Purpose Yarn. When she is not busy taking care of her three little ones, she enjoys crocheting, dyeing yarn, baking, and watching TV with her husband.

You can find Bernadette and A Purpose and a Stitch on Instagram, Facebook, and her website. Her designs are available for purchase through her Etsy and Ravelry shops.

Dancing Sugar Plum Stocking

During this chaotic time, I was looking for some holiday joy and decided to share some Christmas spirit with the world. I pulled from my love of the Nutcracker Ballet and all the wonderful memories that it evokes.

Ruthie Smith

About the Pattern

The Dancing Sugar Plum Stocking is a fun and easy pattern that you can snuggle up with in your coziest chair with a hot cup of cider. It is a simple, unisex pattern for you or your loved ones perfect for the holiday season. This beautifully textured stocking uses bulky weight yarn and faux fur to top it off for a magical aesthetic appearance that captivates your senses.

About the Designer

Ruthie Smith is the designer, creator, and owner of Dragonfly Creations. She resides in beautiful Montana with her husband, two children, and several fur babies. When she is not crocheting or working she can be found homeschooling her children, participating in church activities, quilting, reading, and hiking. Ruthie has been crocheting since the age of six, when she was taught by her grandma, and her passion for crochet has only grown since then. Although she has been designing patterns for years, in 2019 she began writing them down to share with the world. Ruthie’s favorite patterns to create are dragonfly inspired as the dragonfly is elegant, graceful, enchanting, and a sign of change, transformation, and adaptability.

You can find Ruthie and Dragonfly Creations on Instagram, Facebook. Her designs are available for purchase through Ravelry shop.

Forest Pillow

This pillow pattern was inspired by the summer of 2020 that we spent in a village in the middle of the woods. An old wooden cottage required some redecorating, and the coniferous tree childish drawings matched it perfectly!

Maria Jęczmyk

About the Pattern

This Forest Pillow consists of two squares with different graphics on each. They use the single crochet stitch throughout along with the tapestry crochet technique. After each panel is made, they are simply joined on all four sides by using the single crochet stitch again.

About the Designer

Maria is the crocheting geographer, maker, and designer behind Pukapuka. Her love for nature and travel brought her to designing nature-inspired and map-inspired patterns. When she is not designing, she spends her time taking care of her big family including five children. Luckily they have had the opportunity to spend much of the lockdown in the forest among nature!

You can find Maria on Instagram, Facebook, and her website. Her designs are available for purchase through her Etsy and Ravelry shops.

That’s all for now! Check back tomorrow for the next designer spotlight and pattern discount!

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