Find the perfect crochet project for that perfect yarn you’ve been hoarding with this list of seven beautiful worsted weight crochet patterns.

“May your stitch count be true and your frogs be few.”


Have you ever had a beautiful skein of yarn and didn’t know what to make with it?

We all have it. That one skein or ball or hank of yarn that we are saving for just. the right. project. It’s been collecting dust on the shelf or rotting away in a bin for months or maybe even years.

Well, your quest is over! I have a roundup of seven beautiful crochet projects that all use worsted weight yarn! Surely that perfect project is here awaiting you! Many of these worsted weight crochet patterns incorporate beautiful colors while some are more functional.

I even have a bonus at the end of the post for you! Sometimes a project requires just the right hook, and I have an awesome suggestion for you!

Finally, after all that waiting and searching, instead of having just the right yarn, you will have…

…just the right finished product!

The Everyday Summer Hat

This year’s hot summer is the inspiration for this pattern.  I was also inspired by the raffia hats that are popular in stores. The discovery of plastic hat brim wires got me hooked into making sun hats.

Elisa DeSena

About the Pattern

The Everyday Summer Hat is a beautiful addition to your daily outfit whether you’re going for a walk to the beach or park or lounging by the pool or in your backyard. This first project in this list of worsted weight crochet patterns is great for adventurous or advanced beginners.  The pattern is worked in the round from the top down. It uses worsted weight cotton yarn, a great fabric to use for summer. The added plastic brim wire is what makes the difference. The wire creates that floppy brim and adds the best finishing touch to the hat!

About the Designer

Elisa is the maker and designer behind Strings and Cuddles. She loves everything about yarn and DIY projects! When she’s not crafting, you can find her spending quality time with her family — watching movies together, shopping, or just driving around!

You can find Elisa on her website Strings and Cuddles as well as on Ravelry where she sells her designs. You can also learn more about her in the live interview that we hosted with her. It’s so enjoyable to learn about more about the person behind the design!

Bee Lovey

My inspiration for this pattern was the thought that loveys are just so cute and amazing gifts for children. I also think bumble bees are adorable and trending right now which led me to design a bee lovey pattern.

Kayla Christman

About the Pattern

This is a simple, cute and easy-to-follow pattern. It is perfect for a baby shower gift or for any little one in your life. This is a fairly quick and beginner-intermediate project.

About the Designer

Kayla is the young entrepreneur behind Crochet by Kayla. She has had her Etsy shop open for one year now. When not crocheting, she takes dance classes, goes to school, and loves hanging out with her friends. You can find and follow her on Instagram to see her other makes and designs.

Carmel-by-the-Sea Crossbody Bag

I was also inspired by the amazing art I saw in Carmel’s world-famous galleries to push myself in terms of crochet design.

Shelle Agrawal

About the Pattern


One of my favorite things to do here in California is to go on road trips and explore the beautiful small towns, gorgeous scenery, and sun-filled beaches with my boyfriend. A couple years ago, we went on a trip to Carmel-by-the-Sea on the Monterey peninsula, and I instantly fell in love with the historic, small-town feel, the picturesque, fairy-tale cottages and wineries, as well as the breathtaking beaches and scenery. It’s one of our favorite memories to this day, and I can’t wait to visit it again!

I tried to channel those amazing experiences into this design to try to recreate some of that charm. I was also inspired by the amazing art I saw in Carmel’s world-famous galleries to push myself in terms of crochet design. The first area I challenged myself in was in terms of the color scheme. There is a lot of colorwork such as the neutral beige of the sands, the bright yellow sunshine, the green cliffs, and the blue ocean, as well as a wave pattern on the flap. I also challenged myself in terms of the texture with the braided strap, the tassel, and the interweave work which all give it a slightly bohemian vibe.

The Carmel-by-the-Sea crossbody purse was inspired by a town of the same name here in California, known for being a picturesque, seaside town with beautiful art, wineries, culture, and sunshine! I loved being there, and it was so much fun to design this purse and reminisce. I hope you enjoy the beach-y texture and seaside-cliff color tones as much as I did! 


Next in this list of worsted weight crochet patterns, this purse works up relatively quickly to make a perfect accessory or present. It is constructed in the round and utilizes different techniques and stitches to incorporate lots of color and textural interest. Since it includes colorwork, tapestry crochet, interweave, and working in the round, it may work best for an intermediate to advanced level crocheter. However, there are modifications included for advanced beginners as well! It is customizable at every stage, so you can make it just the way you want. You can use any worsted weight yarn you like, as long as it’s reasonably strong. For an accessible option, you can use Yarnspirations Caron One Pound for the body and Red Heart yarns for the details.

About the Designer

Shelle is the designer behind this bag and other projects at Chain Two Crochet. She was introduced to crochet at a young age but felt inspired to explore it more seriously last year and has since been obsessed with pushing herself and quickly developing her skills. She is a software engineer by day, and in her spare time, has been working hard on an innovative, easy-to-use accessible and free fiber art platform for sharing patterns which you can check out at

Aside from her website, you can find Shelle on Instagram! Be sure to check out her profile and show her feed some love! You can also learn more about her in the live interview that we hosted with her. It’s a great chat to listen to while working on her beautiful pattern!

Forget Me Knot Beanie

I was having the hardest time coming up with a name for the stitch until I was reading a book one night, and the Forget Me Not flower was mentioned.  That was the moment when the light bulb went on, and the Forget Me Knot stitch was born.

Darcy Franko

About the Pattern

This crochet beanie was created using the newly designed Forget Me Knot stitch.  This pattern can have so many different looks depending on the yarn(s) you choose and also where you do colour changes.

The pattern includes adult, child, and toddler sizes.


  • Worsted Weight Yarn – I Love This Yarn, Impeccable, Red Heart Super Saver,
  • Bernat Super Value or similar weight #4 yarn
  • Pom Pom (optional)
  • Hooks:  5.5 mm & 6.5 mm
  • Difficulty Level:  Advanced Beginner/Intermediate
  • Stitches:  CH, SLST, SC, SC in BLO, SC in 3rd Loop, SC2TOG, Forget Me Knot (instructions included) 

About the Designer

Darcy has been crocheting since she was a child. Over the years she drifted away from it but came back to it when she had each of her children and when her grandchildren arrived. In 2013 Darcy opened her Etsy shop and Dees Cozy Creations was born.  She started designing unique cup cozies, and over the last year, she began designing beanies and selling her patterns. Her most recent achievement is designing a new crochet stitch, the Forget Me Knot stitch. When Darcy isn’t crocheting, you’ll find her at her full-time job as a Commercial Insurance Broker.  Her other interests are reading, sewing, and doing jigsaw puzzles.

You can find Darcy on Instagram and Facebook as well as her website Dees Cozy Creations.

Boho Cactus Wall Hanging

I have two Appaloosa horses who are the inspiration behind all of my designs. Bred by the Nez Perce tribe, their Native American heritage as well as the bright colors that are traditional to the Native Americans is what inspires my creations. This design is certainly no exception and is also one of my favorites.

Christine Blue

About the Pattern

This Boho Cactus Wall Hanging is a great addition to this roundup of worsted weight crochet patterns. This pattern is beginner friendly, however, it is also a great pattern for someone who is new to color work.  Because of its versatility, you can use your favorite worsted weight yarn in your favorite colors! This particular design features a big, bold cactus with a brightly colored background and fringe at the bottom. The pattern includes several photo tutorials, solid and serape background variations, as well as color graphs!

About the Designer

Christine is the creator and designer behind Spotted Horse Design Co. Outside of crocheting, she enjoys spending time with her two horses, Chip and Jake, having a campfire in the backyard, and sipping on fine wine from the Finger Lakes in upstate New York.

You can find Christine on Etsy and Instagram! You can also learn more about Christine by watching our live interview with her. It’s perfect for listening to while you crochet!

Eco Mug Rug

I have two other patterns with the same stitch combination. These stitches create texture and straight lines within the pattern. 

Krystal Amador

About the Pattern

The Eco Mug Rug is a quick project using scraps of cotton yarn. Easily customizable with color combinations of your choice, this is sure to be a hit. You can opt to use one color for the mug rug and a contrasting color for the fringe or use all the same color.  Either method is sure to compliment your decor.  The mug rug is pictured with fringe, but tassels would be a fun addition as well.

About the Designer

Krystal is the maker and designer behind Eco-Minded Stitches. She and her family reside in Michigan where she is a stay-at-home mom to her two daughters.  She learned to crochet on a short weekend trip out of state in 2015. Since then, Krystal has been perfecting her crochet stitches and techniques. She enjoys making items for the home to support sustainable living.  Besides crocheting, Krystal enjoys gardening, hand lettering, and reading. The beach is her happy place.

You can find Krystal on Instagram, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, and Ravelry. Be sure visit her website Eco-minded Stitches! You can also learn more about her by watching our live interview with her on Instagram. Grab a hook and some yarn and crochet while we chat about Krystal’s maker journey!

Two Continents Map Set: Africa Blanket, South America Pillow

This set was inspired by the world atlas! I love maps, because nature is a great designer. I also love how you can play with the finished piece by finding places or marking rivers with a string.

Maria Jeczmyk

About the Pattern

Last in this roundup of worsted weight crochet patterns, this set actually includes two patterns, a blanket and a small pillow. They are made using different techniques, although both are beginner friendly! I used Lion Brand Heartland for both. 

The vintage Africa blanket pattern uses c2c technique and includes a graph for the color changes. Thanks to Africa’s simple shoreline there are very few color changes. C2C is a simple technique that is worth learning, because it opens a whole new world of possibilities in crochet design. After making the main blanket, you can add the border using written instructions and progress photos included in the pattern. Then wrap yourself or your child in this super soft and unique blanket.

The South America pillow pattern is even simpler because the pattern is so much smaller and uses only single crochet stitches. It also contains fewer color changes. The pattern consists of two squares. One square shows the South America map, and the other is plain. The pattern includes a graph for completing the front panel. After finishing them, you just join them by single crocheting along the edges. 

Add a spirit of adventure to your home with these crochet maps!

About the Designer

Maria, the crocheting geographer, fell in love with crochet during her geography studies at Warsaw University. Many years later, she united both passions in her brand PUKAPUKA (which is the name of an atoll in French Polynesia). You can find her crocheting maps during every spare minute and writing patterns the moment the whole family (which includes five children) goes to sleep. This summer she is adding some crochet makes to their family cottage in the woods.

You can find Maria on Instagram, Etsy, Ravelry, and Pinterest. You can also find the free version of this blanket and pillow pattern on the Make and Do Crew blog.

Customizable Resin Crochet Hooks by Love Stitches All

The art of crochet has honestly led me to so many outlets in the maker community, resin crochet hooks being one of them! Crochet has taken me on some amazing entrepreneurial roads, and I can honestly say hook making has me HOOKED!

Diane Fleming

About this Product

Make any of these worsted weight crochet projects with these gorgeous hooks! These ergonomic lightweight customizable crochet hooks come in multiple designs such as unicorn horn, mermaid tail, and a new hook design coming this September! Each handle is hand-poured by me with high-grade epoxy resin. With vivid bright color ways and lots of glitter, each handle is customizable with the customer’s choice of tapered-styled crochet hooks such as Boye hooks and Clover Amour hooks. Although colorways are poured in batches, no one hook can ever be identical to another. Which truly makes each hook handle one-of-a-kind!

About the Designer

Diane Fleming is a lover of ALL THINGS CROCHET! Her love for crochet has led her through some incredible journeys in her maker life.  For the last four months, she has been hooked on making crochet hook handles. She is 33 years young, a Jesus lover, mother of three, wife to her soul mate, Brandon, since 2007 and has lived in Washington State her entire life. Diane’s honest belief is that in any circumstance LOVE is THE only thing that can mend, heal, and even stitch back together anything. She believes this with every ounce in her because her life is living proof of what unconditional love can do. Her ultimate goal for Love Stitches All is to show what love is to the crochet and especially the maker community!

You can find Diane on Instagram, and TikTok as well as her website, Love Stitches All. Learn more about Diane and her maker journey by watching our live interview with her on Instagram!

I hope that you enjoyed this roundup of worsted weight crochet patterns! Please be sure to take the time to visit these lovely designers on their social platforms to let them know how much you appreciate their designs and talents!

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Sarah is the maker and designer behind A Plush Pineapple. She is a wife of thirteen years to her college sweetheart and momma to two awesome kiddos. When she is not crocheting, designing, or blogging, you can probably find her soaking up the sun or eating seafood. Her goal as a designer is that love, sunshine, and pineapples make their way into the hearts and homes of all who make her designs.