Pineapple and Pine – A Maker Community

Join in with this maker community at Pineapple and Pine as we crochet together, design together, and grow together through amazing crochet-a-longs and designer spotlights!

Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Whether you’re a maker or designer, there is something here for everyone!

Pineapple and Pine is a collaborative community that focuses on bringing makers together and giving designers exposure opportunities! We want everyone to feel welcomed and involved as we travel along together in our maker journeys. The inspiration behind Pineapple and Pine led us to providing a space for makers and designers of all walks to have the chance to make, design, and collaborate together!

The Inspiration

As you know, I am Sarah of A Plush Pineapple! One of the focuses of my brand is to bring warmth and sunshine to the maker community. I strive to create designs with a flair for the tropical as every item is lovingly handcrafted in my home office. I often try to incorporate warm hues and pineapple inspiration in my patterns. My goal as a designer is that love, sunshine, and pineapples find their way into the lives and homes of all who make my designs!

Kelsie of Crafting for Weeks is the other genius behind this operation. Being from the Pacific Northwest, her aesthetic is cool and crisp. Mountains and pine trees are the focus of her brand and style. Her designs always feature the very best texture with a color palette that makes you want to smell the pines or sit under the stars! Her goal as a designer is to express herself through yarn and showcase her favorite styles in a way that she can share with others!

The Purpose

Crochet-a-longs (CALs)

Every other month we will be hosting a CAL featuring a brand new pattern that was collaboratively designed by multiple designers! We will focus on bringing you new, modern crochet projects that you can work on together with other makers in a fun environment over in our facebook group. In this group, we will post pictures and comment on each other’s progress as we work through these designs together! We will even host LIVE videos from time to time to get everyone actively involved and participating!

Our CAL’s have a unique twist! Each CAL will run for four-five weeks. Each week, we will release a portion of the pattern on one of our blogs, so it will be somewhat of a CAL and a Blog Hop combined! When it’s time for the first CAL, we will send out a newsletter to give you all the important details. You will find sign up information here when the time comes!

Designer Spotlight

When we are not hosting a CAL, we will be running a month-long Designer Spotlight. During this time, we will highlight certain designers who will be offering one of their patterns at a discount or FREE for 24 hours! This will be a great opportunity for you to discover new designers, learn more about your favorite designers, and find new patterns to add to your ever growing project queue!

Design Opportunities

A unique twist that we have at Pineapple & Pine is the opportunity for design collabs. We will be hosting open applications for each CAL and Designer Spotlight for designers and bloggers! This opportunity is a great way for a new designer to meet and collab with other designers to grow and ask questions. It is also an additional avenue for seasoned designers to get their designs into the hands of other makers and boost traffic to their blogs!

The Here and Now

Pumpkin Palooza Crochet-a-long

Great news! Pumpkin Palooza is BACK! We are hosting a month-long blog hop during the month of September featuring free pumpkin crochet patterns so you can get all your fall cozy feels going! Click the link below to head over to PUMPKIN PALOOZA and get all the free pumpkin patterns!

The Future

I hope that you love this concept of a welcoming community for all makers and designers! Kelsie and I have put a lot of work into organizing and designing this for all of you! If you haven’t yet subscribed, please be sure to do so at the form above. We will send out newsletters when we have new CALs, blog hops, or design collabs, so you don’t want to miss those announcements! Also, please be sure to go and join our Facebook group because that is where we will be able to work together during CALs and share our progress photos!

I’m super excited about what the future holds for Pineapple & Pine, and I want you to come and be a part of this new adventure with us!

“Much love, sunshine, and pineapples”


“To the ocean I go to lose my mind and find my soul.”


“I am at home amongst the trees.”

J. R. R. Tolkein