Add a touch of handmade and your own unique touch to your home decor with this list of home decor crochet patterns.

What is a Designer Spotlight? 

This is a question you may have been wondering.  The Designer Spotlight is something that Kelsie (of Crafting for Weeks) and I brainstormed together as a way to include makers of all kinds.  We wanted a way to feature any and all makers whether they have a blog or not!  

How the Designer Spotlight Works

On designated days of the month, we will highlight a certain designer from our community. Each designer has selected a favorite pattern to be featured here for all of our viewers to see! You will see a short write-up explaining the inspiration behind the design, an explanation of the pattern, and a little background information on the designer! You will also have the opportunity to obtain the PDF version of the pattern either at a discount or FREE on the feature day! We choose our designers via application, so if you missed the application call for this month, be on the lookout for our next call!

The Purpose of Designer Spotlight

Our goal with Designer Spotlight is to bring makers and designers together. There are SO MANY amazing designers out there that have not yet been discovered! Not only do you have the opportunity to gain a free or discounted pattern, but you may run across a designer here that you really connect with! We want you to continue to lift up and support the designers that are featured here…

…long after the spotlight is over.

Aster Table Runner

I desperately needed a table runner for my house, and I wanted it to be light and have plenty of drape, but also very modern and full of texture. I believe the Aster Table Runner is just that!

Katlyn Charlton

About the Pattern

Ready to expand your tunisian crochet skills!? This is such a fun stitch to learn, and you’ll have a beautiful finished table runner when you’re finished! This table runner will definitely brighten up any table in your home. It is modern and full of texture, but light and has plenty of drape. This is an advanced beginner friendly pattern and includes photo tutorials.

About the Designer

Katlyn is a crochet designer, blogger, and owner of Oak + Willow LLC. She is a homeschooling mama of two little boys and obsessed with tea and plants. Her passion is helping others by providing trendy home decor patterns to help style their homes without costing a fortune! She also provides makers with business tips to use in their own small businesses.

You can follow Katlyn and Oak and Willow on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find more amazing patterns on her website and in her Etsy and Ravelry shops!

How to Get the Pattern

This pattern is FREE today with the code OWMAYSPOTLIGHT for the duration of this spotlight feature! Click the link below and use the code to snag your copy!

Promotion is only valid from 00:00 AM-11:59 PM, Monday, May 31.

Bobble Throw Pillow Cover

The bobble stitch is one of my favourite stitches; it creates such a beautiful texture and the patterning possibilities are endless.

Alyssa George

About the Pattern

This bobbled pillow is crocheted from corner to corner in the suzette stitch. The back of the pillow is worked in simple suzette stitch. The front incorporates bobbles throughout, which creates the seemingly random bobble splash. The smaller bobbles—embroidered French knots—are added to the front of the pillow once crocheting is complete. Use a variegated yarn to achieve the striped look, or choose a solid colour and let those bobbles really POP!

About the Designer

Alyssa is the designer and maker of Lulee’s Crochet. She grew up knowing how to knit, but taught herself how to crochet a few years ago and is now “hooked” on crochet! When she’s not crocheting or planning out her next pattern, you can find Alyssa working her day job as a graphic designer, or sipping a cold pint on a sunny patio.

You can follow Alyssa and Lulees Crochet on Instagram. You can also find more amazing patterns in her Etsy and Ravelry shops!

Giant Daisy Granny Square

I really love daisies, and anywhere I go in the world, I end up seeing them somewhere! I created this design to brighten up my time spent in lockdown in Australia. I worked on this blanket for hours and loved every minute of it. I found the design really therapeutic as the petals are simply SC, and it is a lovely repetitive pattern.

Ruth Haydock

About the Pattern

This Giant Daisy Granny Square measures 21 cm x 21 cm (8 in x 8 in), making it one giant daisy! The daisy is crocheted in three sections. First, the centre is crocheted using a magic ring, and then twenty petals are crocheted around the centre circle. Then a border around the flower turns it into a granny square.

About the Designer

Ruth Haydock is a knit and crochet designer based in the UK. Her designs are inspired by her travels abroad, nature, and love of science fiction movies and TV shows. Knit and crochet have changed her life, helping her to overcome depression, to find purpose, and to become the happy person that she is today.  Ruth has had designs in Knit Now, Simply Crochet, Crochet Now, and Your Knitting and Crochet Magazine. Ruth’s favourite place to hang out online is Instagram (@ruthhaydock). You can find all her patterns on Ravelry. Ruth’s website is

You can follow Ruth and Ruth Haycock Designs on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find more amazing patterns on her website as well as her Ravelry shop!

Reusable Floor Mop Scrubber Pads 

I created this design at the request of my cousin. I actually ended up making them for a ton of friends who raved about them so much I went and bought my own floor mop so I could use them too!

Courtney Batchelder 

About the Pattern

The Reusable Floor Mop Scrubber Pads are great for your green home. I love that they have enough texture to scrub those hard spots and are machine washable for easy cleaning and reuse. Made with 100% cotton weight (4) yarn, they’re durable and heavy duty. You really can’t go wrong! These also make great additions to your markets and craft fairs because they’re fast and easy to work up and practical for any home. These are easily adapted for larger floor mops too making this a versatile product.

About the Designer

Courtney is a crochet designer from Maine. She enjoys collecting yarn, playing with her two daughters, and traveling! Her hope for the future of her business is to be able to support her family and provide some freedom to them with her crochet designs. She is a lover of sunshine, tacos, and of course, all things fiber-related!

You can follow Courtney and The Happy Peapod on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find more amazing patterns on her website as well as her Etsy and Ravelry shops!

Vintage Doily

My aunt’s crochet projects inspired this pattern. She makes the most beautiful doilies, table covers, couch covers, and more.

Tharana Rasheed – Tharana’s Crochet

About the Pattern

The Vintage Doily is a simple beginner-friendly pattern. It uses different stitches to interest you in every round. You can use it as table decor or you can easily frame it to be hung on the wall.

About the Designer

Tharana is a passionate crocheter and the woman behind Tharana’s Crochet. She has been crocheting for around eight years now and recently entered the world of pattern designing. Besides crochet, her life consists of a loving husband and three adorable kids. She’s always looking forward to cooler weather, long drives, and the company of loved ones.

You can follow Tharana and Tharana’s Crochet on Instagram. You can also find more amazing patterns in her Ravelry shop!

That’s all for now! Check back for the next feature on Monday, 5/24, to meet the next designer and find the next discount in this list of home decor crochet patterns!

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Sarah is the maker and designer behind A Plush Pineapple. She is a wife of thirteen years to her college sweetheart and momma to two awesome kiddos. When she is not crocheting, designing, or blogging, you can probably find her soaking up the sun or eating seafood. Her goal as a designer is that love, sunshine, and pineapples make their way into the hearts and homes of all who make her designs.