Decorate your home or prep for markets and shop updates with these nineteen free crochet pumpkin patterns!

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

Anne of Green Gables

You? Love Octobers? Don’t you love summer?

Why…yes, yes I do love summer! Thank you for noticing! Hahaha… But I can’t very well say “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Julys” in a post about free crochet pumpkin patterns can I?

In all seriousness, I do so LOVE Octobers for a few reasons. Reason number one being that it’s not TOO terribly cold YET. Now mind you, it’s still pretty cold for me. I’m an 80 degrees or above kinda girl, and once the temps start hitting around 60, I start to wimp out. However, with that being said, I’ll take 60 degrees over -20 degrees ANY DAY!

The second reason that I love Octobers is for the COLOR. The colors of fall are gorgeous are they not? Just look at this collage of pumpkin patterns with all of the rustic oranges, teals, mustards, and creams. Fall color palettes are so rich and and saturated and among some of my favorite colors to work with.

Last of all, I love Octobers because it is in October that we crocheters are in the height of our busy season! Yarn is flinging, hooks are flying, and patterns are shooting out of the idea hat like pages flying off an office copier! Being glad that our world has Octobers is the sentiment of just about anyone who is glad that…

…our world has crochet!

Kelsi Pumpkin

This Kelsi Pumpkin pattern by yours truly is a new design that I just released this year (2020)! It features the same diagonal ribbing texture that can be found in all of my Kelsi Collection patterns. It really adds an original and unique look to the classic crochet pumpkin decor pattern that’s been circulating. The pattern is written in two different weights of yarn and in three different sizes: small (perfect for a fireplace mantle or shelf), medium (great for table centerpieces), or large (the size of a small accent pillow).

Great Star Pumpkin

Speaking of unique texture, this Great Star Pumpkin pattern by my friend Kelsie over at Crafting for Weeks has the perfect farmhouse texture. The star stitch almost creates that “distressed furniture” look that is all the rave right now in home decor. A basket or tray of these on your table is sure to be a great compliment to your Joanna Gaines living space.

Luxe Leopard Pumpkin

One of the collections that Kelsie is known for is her Luxe Leopard Collection, and this fall, she’s added a Luxe Leopard Pumpkin to the collection! Leopard spots and pumpkins? Yes, please! I love all of the options in color work that are available with this fun pattern. It’s a great way to add some chic vibes to fall decor!

Velvet Pumpkin

Wait…did someone say velvet pumpkins? Yes! These Velvet Pumpkins by Zamiguz are luxe and chic. They would be an incredible pairing with the Luxe Leopard pumpkins for a tray full of chic handmade goodness. The velvet adds so much dimension to the texture of these pumpkins!

Succulent Pumpkin

These Succulent Pumpkins by MJs Off the Hook Designs are just absolutely fantastic! Succulents are so on trend right now, so to combine them with fall decor is pure genius. Her post even includes a tutorial on creating the entire little succulent garden, moss and all!

Knit-look Rustic Pumpkin

Next up in this free crochet pumpkin patterns roundup is this Knit-look Rustic Pumpkin, another fabulous design by MJs Off the Hook Designs. I am loving the switch to jute or twine for the top section. That little detail adds so much texture and visual interest!

Farmhouse Pumpkin

Sometimes less is more, and these Farmhouse Pumpkins by Loveable Loops is proof of that. They are so beautiful, classic, and simple. What a perfect addition to a farmhouse fall decor theme!

Tunisian Honeycomb Pumpkin

There are so many pumpkin designs floating around out there, so I love a unique eye-catching pumpkin pattern. This Tunisian Honeycomb Pumpkin by The Purple Poncho is certainly an original design! I love the texture created by the honeycomb pattern and how different colors of yarn can be combined for differing effects!

Chain Cable Pumpkin

I love cables, so the fact that this pumpkin has cables running down each section is utter perfection! The Chain Cable Pumpkin pattern by Pink Plumeria Maui is a gorgeous design and a must make for fall. The cables create such a classy, beautiful texture, and I think the twig stem is the perfect finishing touch.

Mini Pumpkin Decor Accent

These Mini Pumpkin Decor Accent patterns by Stitch and Hustle feature different stitch techniques for a varied look among your decor or finished items. It’s so amazing how different stitches can provide a different look or vibe. You can also switch up the twig options to provide even more variety!

Simple Stripe Pumpkin

With all of the many pumpkin patterns out there, this Simple Stripe Pumpkin by Divine Debris offers a different look with the color work and texture. There are so many color combos that can be used to fit any shop color palette or home decor theme!

Pretty in Gingham Pumpkin

Another fabulous pumpkin design by Divine Debris is this Pretty in Gingham Pumpkin. I love how it’s made with velvet for that extra luxe look, and the gingham color work is simply gorgeous.

Faded Pumpkin

These Faded Pumpkins by With Alex are a favorite of mine. I just love how the color work gradually goes from white into a bold contrasting color. I can see a happy little pile of these in a breakfast tray or as part of a table centerpiece.

Crochet Pumpkin

I haven’t seen very many pumpkin patterns that have an oblong shape option. This Crochet Pumpkin pattern by Hooks Books and Wanderlust comes in different shape options! I also love how she incorporated the shaping of the pumpkin sections into the stitch work rather than using yarn strands down the sides!

Chunky Yarn Pumpkin

Let’s face it. Chunky yarn provides fabulous stitch definition! I mean I could look at these Chunky Yarn Pumpkins by Knitz N Purlz all day. The stitches look so fluffy and squishy, a trait you definitely want in any pumpkin!

Tunisian Puffy Pumpkin

Tunisian crochet is something that I have always been fascinated by. One of these days, I will try my hand at it. This Tunisian Puffy Pumpkin by Raffamusa Designs is very different from any Tunisian project I’ve seen. I love the texture created by the puff stitches. It has the look of one of those adorable bumpy pumpkins or gourds.

Autumn Harvest Pumpkin

I love so many things about these Autumn Harvest Pumpkins by A Knotty Habit Designs. The texture created with the variegated and solid yarns is simply stunning, and I love the loops that are crocheted for the stems! They are such a great finishing touch!

Country Pumpkin

This Country Pumpkin pattern by Stitching Together features an amazing chevron option for the color work. I love the farmhouse look of the white and gray together. There are so many other options for colors too! I’m thinking teal and cream or gold and black!

Pumpkin Pots

Surprise! For the last pattern in this roundup, I decided to include these Pumpkin Pots by Hooked on Patterns. Not only is it a cute pattern for fall decor, but it is functional as well! It’s a great place to stash your trick or treat stash or crochet time snacks.

I hope that you enjoyed this free crochet pumpkin patterns roundup post! There are so many great pumpkin patterns out there to make for fall decor and market prep. I would love to see one of each of these made up and photographed in a big pile! How fun would that be? For more themed crochet roundups, check out this free crochet roundup page on my blog!

If you love this roundup, please share it! You can bookmark this post for quick reference or save any of these images to Pinterest! If you make any of these designs, be sure to tag me and the designer(s) of the one(s) you make on Facebook or Instagram so we can see your work!

Happy Fall Y’all!

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